Royal Mint Street (2019) Synopsis Royal Mint Street is an experimental documentary that presents a record of an international community of construction workers at a building site located in the heart of The City of London. Filmed over a period of 18 months, Royal Mint Street offers an insight into the complex relationships developed between migrant workers, local workers, and their ever-changing work environment. These relationships are explicit through sound as the voices of the job's participants, including the artist himself, are heard in an unfiltered conversation that seems to take place at a pub. The stories told accompany footage and other soundscapes from the workplace building a narrative that stands as a lasting reminder of a short-lived community that existed during the birth of the building. Biography Warren Garland is a visual artist, printmaker, filmmaker, and curator born in Birmingham and based in London. His practice as a filmmaker is two-fold. He makes long form experimental documentaries that combine historical references in British documentary with his personal experiences as well as short video art pieces consisting of found footage collected from the Internet then re-edited, cut out and collaged. In these short videos, he mostly works out of a self-constructed world called Baltia, which is a mythological island base somewhere in the Baltic Sea. This world allows the artist the freedom to maneuver and place himself in a purely fictitious world that parallels the real world of which he parodies, mimics and subverts through magical realist video and sound.